All Electric Bus Air Conditioner

PER EV Solution’s state-of-the-art air conditioning system is designed to keep passengers cool and content. It boasts of an unrivaled array of features to ensure unparalleled passenger comfort. Its high cooling capacity ensures fast cooling for all sizes of buses, thus providing a comfortable and refreshing environment for passengers.
As a leading manufacturer and supplier of bus air conditioning systems in China. After 24 years of experience, we are increasingly able to manufacture with ease to meet demanding requirements. Insisting on making the best products and reducing after-sales is the best service. If you have any questions or troubles about pure electric bus air conditioning unit, you can contact PER sales department by email address, we will provide you the best advice.

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PER produces a wide range of EV air conditioners for electric buses, electric trucks, construction vehicles, municipal vehicles, and marine and other commercial vehicles. High quality, high volume, and wholesale prices make us an obvious partner for you.

Recommended Products


All Electric Bus Air Conditioner 5.5-8m Bus

Model: PERYD12 / PERYD16 / PERYD22
Size: 2097*1440*206 / 2340*1750*240 / 2710*1825*220
Compressor: GY10P22 / GY10P35 / GY350
Refrigerating capacity: 10000kcal/h / 14000kcal/h / 18000kcal/h
Matching Type: 5.5-6m mini bus/ 6.5-7.5m bus / 7-8m/7.5/8.4m bus

All Electric Bus Air Conditioner 7.5-9m Bus

Model: PERYD24 / PERYD26
Size: 3815*1830*215 / 3660*1830*200
Compressor: F400Y / F400Y
Refrigerating capacity: 22000kcal/h / 23000kcal/h
Matching Type: 7.5-8m/8-8.5m bus / 8-8.5/8.5-9m bus

All Electric Bus Air Conditioner 9-11m Bus

Model: PERSD32 / PERSD36
Size: 4660*1830*230 / 4660*1830*230
Compressor: 4NFCY / 4NFCY
Refrigerating capacity: 30000kcal/h / 32000kcal/h
Matching Type: 10.5-11m/11-11.5m bus / 11.5-12/12-13.7m bus

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PER is a trusted supplier of EV air conditioners and battery thermal management systems. The product portfolio includes BTMS systems, bus air conditioning, refrigeration units, etc.


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