Transport Refrigeration Units

Transport refrigeration units are a key component for many businesses that rely on transporting perishable goods. From food and pharmaceuticals to chemicals and medical supplies, these devices play a vital role in ensuring that the correct temperature is maintained during transportation.
PER HVAC Industry is a leading manufacturer and supplier of transport vehicle refrigeration units in China. The electric vehicle refrigeration units we produce include van refrigeration units, truck refrigeration units, trailer refrigeration units. Founded in 2016 in Henan, China, we have been committed to producing high quality, green, efficient and stable refrigeration units for the world. PER is committed to zero-emission technology, in line with the goal of providing a greener environment for society. We can provide quality products and cheap truck refrigeration unit price.

PER refrigeration units have precise control, diversified solutions and low energy consumption characteristics to win the recognition and trust of the majority of industry users. In the future, with the advancement and innovation of science and technology, the application of PER’s transport refrigeration units will be further enhanced. Bring more tailor-made solutions to the cold chain transportation industry to meet the growing market demand.

Product Description

Temperature Range In Container-25℃ ~ +30℃-25℃ ~ +30℃-25℃ ~ +30℃-25℃ ~ +30℃-25℃ ~ +30℃
-13℉ ~ +86℉-13℉ ~ +86℉-13℉ ~ +86℉-13℉ ~ +86℉-13℉ ~ +86℉
Cooling Capacity (30℃ ~ -2℃)(86℉ ~35.6℉)3850W5100W5500W7800W8800W
Cooling Capacity (-2 ℃ ~ -15℃) (35.6℉ ~ 5℉)1800W2600W2750W4300W4700W
Condenser Size980*825*1801078*489*3881078*489*3881778*378*3401778*378*340
Evaporator Size994*558*2001378*620*2361378*620*2361378*620*2361378*620*236

How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Unit?

When choosing a refrigeration unit for mobile transport equipment, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

First, it is important to understand the refrigeration needs of your transport equipment.
Different transportation equipment may have different requirements, such as trucks, containers or refrigerated trucks, and therefore require different types of refrigeration units. The size, use and type of cargo of transport equipment all affect refrigeration needs, and it is important to ensure that the selected unit can meet these needs.

Secondly, consider the capacity and power of the unit.
A larger capacity means that the unit can handle a larger load, but will also consume more energy. The correct capacity selection should be based on the quantity of goods to be cooled and the ambient temperature of the location. In addition, it is also important to understand the power requirements of the unit, especially for mobile transportation equipment, because excessive power requirements may not meet the power supply capacity of the vehicle.

In addition, focus on the energy efficiency and reliability of the unit.
Choosing an energy-efficient refrigeration unit can reduce energy consumption and save costs. Reliability is another important consideration, because during long-distance transportation, any failure may cause cargo damage and economic loss. It is recommended to choose a certified and reliable brand, and provide maintenance and repair support during the warranty period.

Some additional functions and techniques may also be considered.
For example, some refrigeration units are equipped with intelligent control systems that can automatically adjust temperature and humidity according to actual needs, improve performance and reduce energy consumption. In addition, some units use environmentally friendly refrigerants, which meet environmental requirements and reduce their contribution to global warming.

In short, choosing the right refrigeration unit for mobile transportation equipment requires a comprehensive consideration of refrigeration demand, capacity and power, energy efficiency and reliability. Properly selected units will ensure the safety and quality of goods, improve transportation efficiency and save costs.

The key components used in the PER refrigeration unit system are imported from the world top brands, with high quality and stylish design suitable for any truck model. At the same time, as a professional refrigeration system supplier, PER can provide you with the most suitable suggestions and solutions according to your specific needs and conditions.

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