RV Air Conditioner

Traditional RV air conditioners typically rely on standard alternating current (AC), which is very energy intensive compared to DC air conditioners. DC 12/24V RV air conditioners offer unmatched efficiency by utilizing either the vehicle battery directly or a dedicated auxiliary power source.
The compact size and light weight of the RV air conditioning systems manufactured by PER HVAC further expand the range of potential applications, offering flexible mounting options to suit different vehicle designs.

12/24 V Caravan Air Conditioner

One of the biggest advantages of DC 12/24V RV air conditioners is their mobility and versatility. Unlike traditional rooftop air conditioners that require a steady AC power source or generator, these units can operate in a variety of environments, making them ideal for off-grid travel, camping, and even in emergency situations.
These air conditioners can run on both 12V and 24V power systems, making them compatible with a wide range of motorhomes, campers, trailers and even boats.

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Considering the different needs of customers for RV air-conditioning, the full range of PER caravan air-conditioners are available in two installation options. One is concealed installation, which can be installed under benches, sofas, beds or cabinets, etc., and the other is roof mounted. The series is designed for caravans, motorhomes, campers and yachts.

Advantages of PER DC 12V/24V Caravan Air Conditioner

1. Multiple installation options: TKT offers you the ideal RV air conditioner. Product types include under-bed designs and roof-mounted RV air conditioners.

2. DC 12/24V caravan air-conditioners can directly utilize the car battery or a dedicated auxiliary power source. This innovative air conditioner not only saves energy but also reduces the load on the vehicle’s electrical system and prevents potential battery drain.

3. One of the greatest advantages of these air conditioners is their mobility and versatility. It can operate on both 12V and 24V power systems and is therefore compatible with a wide range of different vehicles. It is also small and lightweight, making it easy to install and maintain. Features a removable and washable filter to keep the interior clean.

4. Another significant advantage of DC air-conditioning is its extremely low noise level. With a one-piece EPP frame, the outdoor air is circulated through the floor or walls, so there is no noise problem to bother the passengers. PER DC12/24V Caravan Air Conditioners are equipped with advanced compressor and fan technology, and these devices provide a serene and peaceful cooling experience, creating a refreshing sleeping environment inside the caravan.

5. PER manufactures DC 12V/24V caravan air conditioners with a focus on the environment. We use a highly energy-efficient design that consumes less energy and significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with caravan cooling. This reduces the impact on the environment and promotes a greener way of traveling.

6. Our products use ACRG distribution boxes with fully adjustable louvers and blower speeds to provide just the right amount of cooling comfort, and axial fans to generate high airflow to cool condensate. Truly powerful cooling comfort with higher efficiency and more stable operation.

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