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Training, Maintenance and Remote Assistance
Once you’ve purchased a PER air conditioning system or refrigeration unit, you don’t have to deal alone with any issues that may arise while using the system. Our goal is to help you fully utilize the installation and application of your air conditioning system, which includes ongoing support throughout the life of your EV air conditioning management system.


We offer a variety of models to choose from for your vehicle’s air conditioning needs. To ensure that we recommend the right model for you, please provide us with the details and requirements of your vehicle.

Specifically, we will need to know the length of your passenger car, as well as its type (such as truck, caravan, van, lorry, etc.).

Let the professionals at PER take care of that for you. Visit the Systems section of this website and submit a quote request form or contact PER Customer Service.

The PER Customer Service Department is primarily responsible for quoting/selling system parts, while the PER Parts Department is responsible for quoting/selling service parts.

System Parts: These are the larger components that make up an air conditioning system, such as the evaporator/condenser/compressor/electrical kit/ducting kit/mounting kit. Please go to Product or Customer Support/Bus A/C Basics for more information on system parts.
Service Parts: These are smaller parts within (or part of) a larger system component.

Go to Customer Support/Maintenance and Troubleshooting. You can find troubleshooting and auxiliary troubleshooting guides here.

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Whatever the application, we can work with you to provide an electric vehicle climate management solution that meets your needs. Discover our product range today.

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PER is a trusted supplier of EV air conditioners and battery thermal management systems. The product portfolio includes BTMS systems, bus air conditioning, refrigeration units, etc.


From innovative electric and hydrogen-powered buses to solutions for off-highway applications, we have the experience and expertise to meet your application needs.